GCFC soccer facilities closing- volunteers required
German Canadian Club -
Start date: Tuesday September 17 2013
End date: Tuesday November 30 1999
Time: 10am-3pm

The official closing of the GCFC sports facility will take place Saturday September 21st (rain day Sunday) from 10:00am-3:00pm.

Lunch at 1:00 pm compliments of the GCFC

Work to be completed on this day:
  • removal of goal nets and back stop netting (5-7)
  • all garbage containers cleaned and relined for the winter (2-3)
  • all garbage raked/collected and disposed of. (rakes and 4-5 people)
  • picnic tables stacked (4-6. Heavy lifting involved.)
  • topsoil to be placed in designated areas (4-5, garden rakes and shovels required)
  • tree canopy along north fence line cut (chainsaw and crew experienced in tree limb removal)
  • storage room inventory reconciliation (2-3)
  • old fridge to be removed and taken to landfill
  • bbq crew (2-3)

    If you can help in this event please RSVP Juergen Belle at juergen.belle@sympatico.ca

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