Special Olympics London 2013/14 soccer programs
London Ontario -
Date: Thursday September 19 2013

Special Olympics London is proud to introduce two new programs for children with an intellectual disability.

Active Start Soccer
Active Start is for young children, aged 4-7. Active Start provides lessons for young athletes to learn about running, kicking, throwing, and jumping, but then builds on these experiences from the gym and provides caregivers educational information and resources that allows them to offer similar opportunities in the home environment.

FUNdamentals Soccer
FUNdamentals is for children 8 - 14 years of age. FUNdamentals focuses on developing basic sport skills while creating a level of enjoyment for physical activity in young athletes. Through these ideals we hope that this will encourage athletes to live a healthy active life through sport. FUNdamentals uses activity sessions that look at specific sport skills such as transportation skills, kicking, throwing and catching that can be transferred into a number of various sports and can be used in everyday tasks.

Both programs begin on Tuesday November 12th and will run until late March 2014. Active Start will run from 6:00 -6:45 p.m. and FUNdamentals will run from 6:45- 7:30 p.m.

Location is St. Mark´s Public School, 1440 Glenora Dr, London, ON

Cost is $20 for the program.

Registration and more information
Check out the Special Olympics Ontario video on the program: http://youtu.be/Ucr0SYmt7H4

For more information and/or to register, please e-mail rick walker at rick.walker@primus.ca or call 519-455-3323.

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