4th annual GCFC U9/U10 girls 3v3 soccer festival a success again!
London Ontario -
Date: Monday December 23 2013

Forgetting the stress that comes along with some traditional īknock-outī tournaments for young children, on December 23rd 2013 German Canadian FC hosted itīs 4th annual holiday soccer festival for both U9 [Firehawks] and U10 [Firefox] girls. Over the past four years many girls from various clubs have benefitted from this fun event!

28 participants were divided into small teams [3v3] -and were encouraged to use their skills in proper dribbling and passing- supported and coached by GCFC regional and womenīs competitive players. In line with the OSA/CSA Long-Term Player Development- absolutely no scores or standings were tracked- and instead replaced with lots of free play, encouragement of skills and enabling confidence/creativity!

Past pictures



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