GCFC supports OSA talented pathway for provincial/national identification
Date: Sunday September 13 2015

The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) Talented Pathway was created to provide opportunities for the top players in the province to develop and advance.

To support this initiative, German Canadian FC continues to forward players with provincial and national aspirations to London Football Academy- an ORNCA Academy that is sanctioned and supported by the OSA and participates in SAAC- a standards based high performance soccer league in Ontario.

Information surrounding London FA can be found via their website at www.londonfootballacademy.com

The Player Recommendation Process - Under 13
Any player with provincial, national, or professional aspirations are encouraged to sign with London FA- a London Ontario based ORNCA recognized Academy.

London FA then applies the OSA player recommendation procedures and provided assessment tools. This is being done so that all U13 players within Ontario will be measured against the same criteria with benchmarks to ensure transparency, consistency and a systematic approach to individual player detection and identification. This approach is intrinsically linked to the Talented Pathway for players born in 2002 and younger. Club technical directors or technical leads are encouraged to connect with their respective district association regarding the talented pathway recommendation process.

Can the London FA Technical Director recommend a talented player?

Yes! Qualified recommending individuals such as an ORNCA designated technical director can recommend players within an academy. This includes both Provincial and National Programs.

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