2016 GCFC community day/facility opening: Saturday May 7th
German Canadian Club- 1 Cove Road -
Date: Monday April 18 2016

That time of year is upon us when the GCC and Cove Rd. facility need to be prepared for the upcoming long soccer/summer business season. The GCFC season is about 4 weeks away and the Club/Sports facility and surrounding grounds need to be prepared.

This GCFC operates on a volunteer basis and that includes all soccer related events at Cove Rd field. Most importantly though is that most of the work done this facility is by volunteers and without these volunteers there would be no facility.

The facility needs to be open and operational no later than Saturday May 7th. To ensure this is will happen there will be a “Community Day” on Saturday May 7th (Sunday May 8th, rain day) from 10 am until all the projects are complete. Depending on the attendance will determine how long this work will take. Last year we a fairly good turn out but lacked the tools required to complete all projects. That did not allow us to complete 100%.

We hope that this year will be even more successful and the volunteer turn-out will be higher than last year. Your strong backs and precious time is needed to achieve our goals.

Tools needed for this day:
•garden rakes
•leaf rakes
•wheel barrows
•shovels and spades
•pruning shears
•lopping shears
•pruning saws
•Pick-up trucks

Please make every effort to make this a day of community, club, camaraderie and friendship. For more information please email admin@gcfclondon.com

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