GCFC seeking competitive youth coaches for 2011/12
German Canadian Club -
Date: Sunday September 18 2011

GCFC is seeking a coaches or managers interested in coaching future competitive teams for London and District Youth Soccer League (LDYSL). This may include registering an OSA team for future tournaments in fall/winter 2011/12.

In particular we are seeking candidates that:
Respect the OSA/CSA/GCFC guide to Long-Term Player Development;
Have a focus on player development rather then short term strategies;
Are experienced in coaching child or youth soccer;
Have the passion to form and maintain a team that stays with GCFC;
Are self driven, optimistic, and child friendly;
Are prepared to organize future winter training and future summer schedules;
Can contribute to the improvement of the Club when called upon.

OSA certification is a plus; however, not necessarily a requirement until 2012.

Just some of the many things GCFC has to offer you:
Flexibility in regards to your coaching philosophy, your budget/fees charged, team development;
Support from established teams stemming from 75+ years as a competitive soccer club;
Administrative support in regards to OSA, EMSA, and LDYSL registration/paperwork.
Access to a GCFC dedicated mini field and exceptional soccer facility (also home to London City and FC London).

If you feel you would like this opportunity please contact admin@gcfclondon.com stating your interests and experience.

German nationality is not a requisite at our club as coach, manager, or player- we take pride in our multi-cultural Canadian teams.

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