Indoor soccer development for girls born in 2003/04/05
West London -
Date: Friday September 30 2011

After a successful summer development program - GCFC has established a winter development program for interested boys and girls born in 2003 and 2004 (and possibly 2005). In the summer the program became full very quickly.


Dates: November-end of March/early April (hopefully to roll into a new 2012 summer development program)

Practices: Likely 1 per week or fortnightly (Tuesday with occasional other nights). Possible soccer festivals (round robin tournaments) over the winter (no standings/scoring). West London location.

Focus: Entirely on ball mastery, small sided games, with no focus on ´winning´ or large sided games.


Likely $50 to cover expenses (e.g. equipment etc.)- not for profit.

Important Requirements:

1. Please reply back to

This summer spots filled up quickly and the program became full and could not accomodate late comers!

2. This program is for children/parents interested in 1) developing their soccer skills/ higher more competitive level of soccer and; 2) committed to be part of GCFC soccer long-term development program.

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